Technology & Innovation

Our technologies are powering some of the most important clinical trials in neuroscience today.

Imaging biomarkers

We offer an extensive range of neuroimaging analyses tools for patient stratification/clinical trial enrichment, assessment of eligibility, safety, and efficacy, including radiological reads, structural & advanced MRI, and PET and SPECT analysis.

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Digital biomarkers

Combining the best wearable technology together with our digital platform and our scientific and regulatory expertise, we work with clients to discover and clinically validate new digital biomarkers for deployment in clinical trials.

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Innovation and AI

In neuroscience, AI has applications across the spectrum of understanding and treating the disease.

AI can be applied from the very early stages of research in the selection of the most promising drug candidates, to clinical development programmes in interpreting complex patient data and even to supporting new models of care in the community.

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Data Platforms

IXICO’s TrialTracker imaging platform for clinical trials is GCP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, providing all you need to manage the complex imaging workflow that comes with many clinical trials.

IXICO's Assessa clinical decision support tool for patient selection and post-marketing surveillance is a secure online digital platform enabling the remote transfer of clinical and imaging data to provide central expert and automated review and analysis.

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