Interview with IXICO & GAP Foundation

We are delighted to be working with the Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation and their industry partners for the pioneering Bio-Hermes study. Watch the interview with IXICO's clinical development advisor Lynne Hughes and President of GAP John Dwyer as they discuss this partnership and the study.

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“We love a challenge.” - Meet Romina Oxborough, our Senior Vice President of Operations

  Romina Oxborough recently joined the IXICO team as Senior Vice President of Operations, bringing a wealth of experience in developing strategic services underpinned by operational delivery. We spoke to Romina about her experience so far at IXICO and the main thing that gets her out of bed in the morning. Hi Romina.

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“The team culture here is what makes us stand out” - Meet Ron Ramos, our Senior Director of Business Development

  A life science professional with over 20 years of industry experience, Ron joined our team this year in our Business Development department.   His experience spans the entire drug development pipeline and is passionate about changing patients’ lives for the better.

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Advancing Clinical And Imaging Biomarkers In Parkinson’s Disease Research

Parkinsonism is a movement disorder, although not always due to Parkinson disease. There are many neurological disorders that present with similar movement abnormalities. Although the differential diagnosis is mostly clinical between these different disorders, imaging biomarkers play a role and also have the potential to track disease progression.

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Overcoming Imaging Challenges To Advance Huntington’s Disease Research

Huntington’s disease is an autosomal dominant disorder. If the parent carries the genetic mutation, they have a 50% chance of passing it onto their children.

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Revolutionizing Analytics: The Role of Deep-Learning AI in CNS Clinical Trials

  To explain ‘deep learning’, let’s start with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In its simplest explanation, AI is anything that is trying to imitate a human process. ‘Deep learning’ (or machine learning) is a subset of AI, which is concerned with pattern recognition.

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AAIC 2020 Day 3 Summary

By Associate Image Scientist Bianca De Blasi Today I am going to summaries a number of interesting talks we have attended on Day3 of the AAIC virtual conference.

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AAIC 2020 Day Two Summary

By Associate Biomarker Scientist Hiba Kazmi A summary of interesting talks which we attended on Day 2 of the AAIC. In particular, there was a focus on incorporating imaging with a range of other biomarkers (for example blood plasma and retinal) and also translating AD biomarkers for clinical application.

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AAIC 2020 Day One Summary

By Biomarker Scientist Niccolo Fuin Lots of biological motivation on AD progression and molecular biomarkers. Most interesting session for me was: “Development Of New Models And Analysis Methods: Novel Imaging Analysis“ in which Pablo F.

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The rise of digital health in the times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put considerable strain on the healthcare services across the globe and is impacting clinical development across many therapeutic areas, as many resources are being diverted to fighting the pandemic.

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