Our TrialTracker platform provides a secure and compliant environment for the collection, analysis and interpretation of large image files and other data that may be generated in the course of a clinical study.

IXICO’s GCP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant TrialTracker platform delivers a robust and comprehensive set of centralised imaging services designed to efficiently manage the complex imaging workflow from image upload, Quality Control, reading/analysis to reporting and data transfer.

Superior results

IXICO’s machine learning image analysis algorithms are:

  • Disease contextualised and data-driven to specifically analyse data from people with neurological disease
  • Robust to inherent variability between patients, disease stages, scanners and image quality to provide accurate analysis results


Platform key features

  • Reduces time of data receipt from sites
  • Quickly identifies missing data or errors specific to each protocol, site and modality
  • Streamlined and automated workflow, enabling rapid assessment and reporting of participant eligibility and safety
  • Provides the flexibility to “plug-in” a comprehensive set of validated image analysis algorithms providing a rich set of quantitative image analysis endpoints