Post-Marketing Surveillance


IXICO's expertise in imaging and wearable device data analytics makes us the perfect partner for continued assessment of safety, efficacy, and optimal use, once a drug is licensed. We understand the challenges of extended longitudinal studies, and the importance of monitoring patient safety and drug utilization for ongoing optimization of patient pathways.

Digital Clinical Decision Support - Post-Marketing Surveillance

Pharma companies are seeking to provide more holistic healthcare solutions which include providing clinicians with digital technologies as companions to their treatments to support the targeting of treatments to the right patients and the monitoring of drug safety and individual efficacy.

At IXICO we are partnering with pharma companies to develop digital clinical decision support technologies based on our Assessa platform technology to improve the targeting and the safety and effectiveness of their therapeutics.

PML case study

Learn how our clients use our Assessa surveillance platform to monitor and identify any rare, but often fatal, cases of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) that may arise.

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