Data Platforms

Our solutions and services are underpinned by robust, state-of-the-art technology platforms that are designed to provide the highest levels of security, compliance and performance while facilitating superior end-user experiences. 


Clinical decision support for patient selection and post-marketing surveillance

Assessa is a secure, online digital platform enabling the remote transfer of clinical and imaging data to provide a centralized clinical expert review and report. Referring clinicians can receive actionable information from the platform to inform treatment decisions at the point of care.

Assessa also supports longitudinal monitoring and MRI follow-up of suspect cases and enhances medical care and knowledge exchange, including facilitating discussion of difficult cases among expert neuroradiologists.


Compliant Global Data Capture

Our TrialTracker platform facilitates standardized capture, quality assurance, reading, analysis and reporting of clinical data across the entire image lifecycle. It enables the collation of complex datasets generated from MRI and PET scanners and wearable biosensor devices, reducing the time needed for manual data gathering.

TrialTracker quickly identifies missing data or errors specific to each protocol, site and modality and provides the flexibility to “plug in” a comprehensive set of validated image analysis algorithms, providing a rich set of quantitative image analysis endpoints.

Uniquely focused on simplifying workflows across different user types and processes, it seamlessly unifies the complex workflows between imaging centers, neuroradiology readers, IXICO teams, and sponsor personnel.   


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