Data Platforms

Clinical decision support for patient selection and post-marketing surveillance

We partner with biopharma companies to improve clinical trial patient selection and provide clinical decision support services to improve the safety and efficacy of their therapeutics.

Assessa is a secure online digital platform to enable the remote transfer of clinical and imaging data to provide a centralised clinical expert review and report. Referring clinicians then receive actionable information to inform treatment decisions at the point-of-care.


Compliant Global Data Capture

IXICO's TrialTracker platform supports the secure upload, management, analysis and reporting of anonymised data from clinical trial sites all over the world.  It allows the collation of complex datasets generated from MRI and PET scanners and wearable biosensor devices. The data is held securely on dedicated servers and our processes comply with international software standards, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and international data privacy laws such as EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).