The impact of diversity on Alzheimer's disease clinical trial design

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"We saw the explosion of need that was going to occur with the approval of disease-modifying therapy, and this was back in 2020. And we knew that the healthcare system and the clinical trial system needed to get more sophisticated with the way in which it conducted its proces

ses to provide better assessments and diagnoses of disease with higher reliability"

With momentum gaining in Alzheimer’s disease treatment following multiple approvals for new drugs to treat patients, the spotlight turns towards other avenues of investment to propel our understanding of this devastating disease.

Results from the recent GAP Bio-Hermes study show a clear area of opportunity for better understanding: patient diversity.

Lammert Albers, Chief Commercial Officer of the Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation talks with John Dwyer, President of the foundation, and our Chief Scientific Officer, Robin Wolz about the impact of this study diversity on current and future research and the opportunities at hand.

At the upcoming CTAD Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease 2023 conference in Boston, Robin will be presenting a symposium on the topic.

Symposium 1 Details:
Presentation 1: Amyloid PET results from the GAP Bio-Hermes study: initial findings on differences between racial and ethnic groups
Date: Tuesday, October 24th 2023
Time: 4:55pm
Location: Grand Ballroom AB

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Date: 18/10/2023