IXICO to support on Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation's Bio-Hermes 2 trial

IXICO plc (AIM: IXI), the medical imaging advanced analytics company delivering insights in neuroscience announces that it has signed a contract with the Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation® ("GAP") to support GAP's planned Bio-Hermes 2 trial. The contract value is worth over £1 million over a 48-month term. The Company does not expect to adjust its expectations of performance for the financial year ending 30 September 2024 ("FY24") following the receipt of this contract.

In the Bio-Hermes 2 trial, IXICO will apply its expertise to qualify approximately 30 participating imaging centres for the collection of amyloid PET and tau PET molecular imaging and MR Imaging scans from approximately 1,200 volunteers over the age of 60. The volunteers will be screened for Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease, Prodromal AD, or Mild Dementia AD, with IXICO providing both visual read and AI driven quantitative analysis across all three imaging modalities used in the Bio-Hermes 2 trial.

Giulio Cerroni, Chief Executive Officer of IXICO, commented:

"We are delighted to deepen our long-term strategic partnership with GAP by building on the success of the initial Bio-Hermes trial to now also be selected to deliver all of the imaging analysis requirements of the Bio-Hermes 2 trial across both MRI and PET. With the significant unmet medical need for new therapies in Alzheimer's Disease, we are excited about the prospects of deepening our collaboration with GAP in support of the success of the Bio-Hermes 2 trial."

John Dwyer, President of Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation (GAP), commented:

"Our collaboration with IXICO for neuroimaging and AI driven quantitative analysis is a fundamental element of GAP's innovative Bio-Hermes 2 trial, which is taking a novel approach to incorporate a broad set of digital and blood biomarker results for comparison across cognitively normal and impaired individuals. We've also committed to an unprecedented level of participation by traditionally underrepresented populations in AD studies so that the insights generated by BH2 will benefit everyone impacted by Alzheimer's and related dementias."

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