Comparison of amyloid positivity and global cortical SUVR between black and white non-Hispanic participants in the GAP Bio-Hermes study


This poster shows our further investigation on the amyloid PET differences between Black and White participants in the GAP Bio-Hermes study and to better understand the relationship between Aβ+ status from visual read and quantitative SUVR.


Visual read was performed centrally through the VisQ process in the MIM Software where visual inspection and and global cortical area SUVR is considered by a reader to perform classification into Aβ+ or Aβ-. We compare agreement between the visual reader and the previously proposed cut-off for Aβ+ from global cortical SUVR of 1.10 across the two racial groups.


A substantially higher disagreement of SUVR cut-off with visual read in Aβ- Black participants compared to White participants was observed, suggesting a potential difference in amyloid uptake patterns between the two populations is driving differences in Aβ+ rates in the absence of differences in mean SUVR. In future work, regional SUVR analysis will be performed to further qualify these findings.

This was presented at the Human Amyloid Imaging Conference 2024

Date: 31/01/2024