GAP-Net Site Optimization Conference 2022: Event Review

GAP Blog Post

The Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation’s GAP-Net Site Optimization Conference 2022 gave all participants an update on the important Bio-Hermes trial which is going very well.

This year’s conference was a highly collaborative event with many interesting presentations and discussions on issues related to research in Alzheimer’s Disease.

One prominent topic was ensuring we work together as an industry to increase the diversity of populations within clinical trials. This ensures biomarkers and treatment effects are thoroughly and effectively researched for a range of previously under-represented patient populations. GAP-NET sites are at the forefront of prioritizing diversity.

Other topics discussed within the presentations, round tables and panels included access to imaging ligands, supply of rater specialists, site start-up, use of MRI, blood and computerized cognitive assessments as biomarkers to ensure correct patient recruitment, and many more.

IXICO also showcased IXIQ.Ai, our latest brain segmentation technology in a presentation by Chief Scientific Officer Robin Wolz. Robin spoke about the development and function of IXIQ.Ai, demonstrating to sponsors how IXIQ.Ai can support patient selection in AD trials and how sponsors could achieve greater imaging sensitivity to smaller treatment effects with this novel AI platform.

Overall, the GAP-Net Site Optimization Conference was an informative event and an excellent opportunity to make contact with our colleagues who are contributing in different and important ways to Alzheimer’s disease research.



Date: 08/03/2022