Multiple Sclerosis – Advancing treatment through imaging biomarkers

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This webinar has concluded on April 10th 2024 and an on-demand recording will be available in the next 24 hours


The current Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatments involve a range of approaches, from disease-modifying therapies to symptom management. However, most drugs under investigation target the immunological system and very few candidates have potential as remyelinating agents.

Imaging biomarkers from conventional and advanced imaging offer vital and precise insights into MS – about disease activity, progression, and responses to treatment. These biomarkers enable more tailored and proactive approaches to disease management, fostering a deeper understanding of individual patient profiles, and pave the way for improved therapeutic strategies through MS clinical trials.

Join us on April 10th as Frederik and Lynne shed light on the current understanding of MS. Gain valuable insights into the role of imaging in the ongoing efforts to develop better treatments for individuals affected by MS.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Insights into the intricate world of MS drug development
  • Established and emerging imaging techniques for diagnostic, disease management, and clinical trial purposes

About the speakers

Lynne Hughes – Senior Therapeutic Advisor, IXICO

Lynne Hughes has over 35 years’ experience in clinical research and is a leading International clinical trial expert. Having worked at IQVIA as VP/Global Head of CNS Medical Strategy, exclusively focused on neurology, she has had oversight of 450 global trials, including 84 MS, 125 AD, and 75 PD trials. She is a member of NIA-NIH taskforce for recruitment into AD trials, co-chair of DAVOS taskforce for expediting clinical AD trials, G7 & G20 World Dementia Councils, and senior advisor to Global Alzheimer's Platform foundation (GAP).

Frederik Barkhof - Professor of Neuroradiology, Amsterdam UMC and UCL

Frederik Barkhof is Professor of Neuroradiology at Amsterdam UMC (NL) and at UCL in London (UK). His research interests focus on multiple sclerosis (spinal cord MRI, grey matter, atrophy), ageing (white matter lesions, microbleeds) and dementia (structural, functional, molecular MR and PET). He has (co)authored >1000 papers referenced in PubMed and is listed among 3000 most influential scientists world-wide by Thompson-Reuters. He is the author of the books “Neuroimaging in Dementia” and “Clinical Neuroradiology: the ESNR textbook”.

Date: 12/03/2024