Huntington's Disease: The present and future of imaging biomarkers

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Huntington’s disease is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions worldwide.

Through the power of medical imaging, researchers and clinicians are gaining valuable insights into the disease progression and identifying potential biomarkers that could revolutionize diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

During this webinar, our expert speakers will map out the HD clinical trial landscape and the pivotal role of imaging and natural history studies in clinical trial development.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the evolving clinical trial landscape and how imaging biomarkers can enhance HD research and provide valuable insights into disease progression and treatment efficacy.

Join Cristina Sampaio from CHDI and Marina Papoutsi from IXICO on Thursday September 14th at 4pm BST/11am EDT, where they will cover the following key points:

  • The current clinical trial landscape for Huntington’s Disease
  • The challenges and opportunities
  • The role of imaging and natural history data in HD clinical trials
  • Your chance to have your questions answered at the end of the webinar

About the speakers

Cristina Sampaio, Chief Medical Officer, CHDI
Dr. Cristina Sampaio, MD, PhD, currently holds the role of Chief Medical Officer at CHDI Management/CHDI Foundation and serves as Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Lisbon Medical School, University of Lisbon.Up to 2011, Dr. Sampaio occupied senior roles at the Movement Disorders Clinic, Department of Neurology, and served as Principal Investigator at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.Throughout her career (1998-2011), she was a member of both the Committee of Proprietary Medicinal Products and the Scientific Advice Working Party at the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Her contributions to providing guidance on new medicinal products, especially those for orphan diseases like Huntington's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, were highly valued. Dr. Sampaio's research interests are centered around designing and implementing clinical studies in neurodegenerative disorders, pharmacoepidemiology, and evidence-based medicine. In her current role, she has notably advanced the field of Huntington's disease therapeutics by developing biomarkers, assessment tools, and enhancing clinical trial infrastructure.

Marina Papoutsi – Senior Biomarker Scientist, IXICO
Marina Papoutsi (PhD) is a senior biomarker scientist at IXICO. She has more than 15 years experience in neuroimaging for the CNS in both academia and industry. Marina supports IXICO’s clients and studies with the use of medical imaging in movement disorders such as Huntington’s disease, Ataxias and Parkinsonian Syndromes. Prior to joining IXICO, Marina was a senior research fellow at the UCL HD centre for 9 years, and worked on projects such as TrackOn-HD. She maintains an affiliation and close collaboration with the UCL HD centre to-date, and is also a member of the HD Youth organisation (HDYO) research committee.

Date: 02/08/2023