Getting neuroimaging right — How to succeed in neurodegenerative clinical trials

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It’s common knowledge that clinical trial delays are costly with a heavy burden on the sites and the participants if you have a poor strategy to that doesn’t consider all the factors.

Things that you need to consider:

➡️ Have you optimized your site selection process?

➡️ Knowing who the right people to speak to for your study are?

➡️ Starting your negotiations early in contracting

➡️ Forecasting your study management by understanding what hardware and software are needed.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s daunting.

Luckily, we’ve put together all key aspects you need to consider when setting up for success in an easy-to-follow guide to give you confidence in your clinical trial strategy.

We’ll be sharing our collective wisdom and experience and packaging it into a near webinar that you can use in your trials immediately with dramatic effect.

Vicky Eyre from Re:Cognition Health, Nicoletta Vitale and Romina Oxborough from IXICO go through following in this webinar: 

  • Key considerations that impact start-up cycle times
  • Strategies and tactics to help you
  • How to adopt a centralised approach 
  • A step-by-step guide on reducing burden to sites and patients

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This webinar ran on Tuesday, December 13, 2022


Vicky Eyre, Director, Clinical Operations, Re:Cognition Health

Vicky Eyre has worked in the clinical trials industry for over 15 years, in both academic and commercial settings. Vicky has held roles covering clinical trials start-up, delivery and operations, project management and quality assurance, covering Phase I to IV, across multiple therapeutic areas. In Vicky’s current Clinical Operations Director role, she supports the business development, clinical trial start-up and delivery of commercial neurology trials, primarily in Alzheimer’s, overseeing the six UK Re:Cognition Health Ltd clinic teams. Vicky is passionate about developing her high-performing teams, promoting rapid start-up, patient participation in research and supporting the development of the UK research industry. A key component of the success of Re:Cognition health is the passion for research and identifying and collaborating with high quality clinical trial vendors who share the same motivations, enabling streamline set up and high-quality data delivery.

Romina Oxborough, PhD, Senior Vice-President Operations, IXICO

Romina Oxborough has over 20 years of experience in the life sciences and pharmaceutical sector. Prior to IXICO, Romina held senior leadership roles focused on supporting clinical trials and patients’ access to medicines (Avenir Global, Clinigen, IQVIA). Romina has a track record of building profitable business units underpinned by excellent operational delivery. Her role at IXICO is accountable for best-in-class delivery of neuroimaging clinical trials for global pharmaceutical companies. A PhD and MBA-trained innovative leader with a passion for developing high-performing teams, Romina leads the Operations team at IXICO. Romina is a Diversity and Inclusion Board member and mentor for a non-for-profit organisation (HBA).

Nicoletta Vitale, Senior Project Start-Up Manager, IXICO

Nicoletta Vitale has over eight years of experience in clinical research, with a focus on streamlined processes to ensure rapid site start-up timelines in imaging-based clinical trials. She holds a master’s degree in medical engineering and physics from King’s College London and, in her current role, leads the project start-up team at IXICO. Successful imaging site set-up is a critical step for obtaining standardised imaging acquisition and high-quality data, and her team achieves this through robust technical evaluation, comprehensive site training and set-up of scanners for global imaging centres.

Date: 15/12/2022