Alzheimer’s disease: emerging neuroimaging techniques in clinical trials

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This webinar has now concluded and ran on March 16th 2023

The momentous breakthrough of Eisai and Biogen’s lecanemab demonstrating efficacy in slowing Alzheimer’s disease has given many hope for treating this debilitating disease.

The key is in technological advances which will enable the development of image acquisition and analysis strategies particularly in PET and MRI techniques. Keys that will help biopharma to accelerate their programs.

Many now look to neuroimaging in to see what innovations can help them understand the disease and tackle the challenges in acquiring the data to further that knowledge.

Technological advances will also enable the development of image acquisition and analysis strategies in PET and MRI techniques to best inform biopharma on how to accelerate their programs.

In this webinar, we’re going to show you the landscape of emerging neuroimaging techniques and how to incorporate them into your current or next trial with an exemplar study.

Join Eric Siemers from Acumen Pharma and Tanya Poppe from IXICO as they discuss:

  • The landscape and trends for neuroimaging techniques used in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease
  • A case study exemplifying these approaches.
  • Hear the commentary on the pivotal role neuroimaging is going to play in AD research

About the speakers

Eric Siemers, Chief Medical Officer, Acumen Pharma
Eric Siemers, MD, has more than 25 years experience overseeing clinical trials of neurodegenerative disease and joined Acumen as Chief Medical Officer in 2018.

He joined Eli Lilly and Company in 1998 and was responsible for several clinical trials for Alzheimer’s compounds, including five phase III studies as well as phase I and II studies. Prior to Lilly, Dr. Siemers founded the Indiana University Movement Disorder Clinic, where his research included Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. Dr. Siemers served on the NIA/Alzheimer’s Association working group that proposed new research nomenclature for Alzheimer’s disease utilizing biomarkers and clinical symptoms.

He was a founding member of the Alzheimer’s Association Research Roundtable and was on the steering committee for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. Dr. Siemers earned his MD from the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Tanya Poppe, Biomarker Scientist, IXICO

Tanya Poppe has more than 10 years’ experience with neuroimaging in clinical trials, with a Ph.D. in MRI for neuroprotection for preterm-born infants and children at the University of Auckland. Dr. Poppe joined IXICO as a Biomarker Scientist in 2021.

She has expertise in a wide range of neuroimaging techniques for behavioral and pharmacological treatments for tinnitus (University of Auckland) and in the development of neurovascular coupling with simultaneous EEG-fMRI as a postdoctoral research associate at King’s College London.

Date: 16/03/2023