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We are recognised internationally as experts in neuroscience data management and analysis

Since 2004 our technology, scientific expertise and clinical data management and analysis capabilities have been selected to support clinical trials for the majority of the top pharmaceutical and speciality biotechnology companies.


Neurological disease focus

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

AD is a chronic neurodegenerative disease and is represented in 60-70% of cases of dementia. In 2015, there were approximately 29.8 million people worldwide living with AD. It affects around 6% of people aged 65+ years. There are currently no treatments to halt or reverse its progression. There is significant ongoing research to better understand and treat AD. We have supported important AD research since 2007 and continue to assist many pharmaceutical companies in their search for novel therapies.

Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

PD is the second most common neurodegenerative disease, after Alzheimer’s disease. An estimated 7 to 10 million people worldwide are living with PD. The combined direct and indirect cost of PD, including treatment, social security payments and lost income from inability to work, is estimated to be nearly $25 billion per year in the United States alone. There has been significant research over the past 50 years, resulting in important discoveries and treatments which provide relief. We first supported a clinical study for PD in 2016.

Huntington’s Disease (HD)

HD is a rare genetic neurodegenerative disorder that affects the patient’s normal movement, cognition and behaviour. HD is more common in people of Western European descent than in those of Asian or African ancestry, affecting approximately 5-7 people per 100,000 in Western countries. There are currently no effective marketed treatments for HD. Interest in developing therapeutics to treat the disease within the pharmaceutical industry is significant with a large number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies working in this indication. We have supported important research in HD since 2007.

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP)

PSP is a Parkinson’s-like neurological condition caused by the premature loss of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain, which leads to difficulties with balance, movement, vision, speech and swallowing. Research suggests around 20,000 people suffer with PSP in the United States alone. There are currently no effective marketed treatments for PSP. There is growing momentum in PSP research and we have supported clinical trials in this area since 2015.

Cerebrovascular Disease

Cerebrovascular diseases are conditions caused by problems that affect the blood supply to the brain and can result in vascular dementia. Cerebrovascular disease primarily occurs with advanced age and the risk increasing after 65 years of age. We have supported cerebrovascular disease research since 2012.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. It is the most common autoimmune disorder affecting the central nervous system, affecting around 2.3 million people globally as of 2015. Ongoing research is focused on developing more effective disease-modifying and symptomatic treatments as well as the creation of therapies for the progressive types of MS. We have been involved in MS since 2015 through our AssessaPML collaboration with Biogen.

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