How We Work

How We Work2017-10-11T10:40:48+00:00

Global, multi-site standardisation

Working with our network of qualified clinical sites worldwide, we deliver innovative, regulatory compliant technology solutions. By providing compliant data standardisation, collection and analysis we support our biopharma clients’ regulatory submission, establishing IXICO as a trusted partner.

Our deep understanding of neuroimaging underpins everything we do. Our multi-disciplinary team support you from project design through to close with our unique end-to-end data management and image analysis platform.

Technology Services

Global multi-site compliant data standardisation,
collection and analysis

1. Design

Drawing on our neuroscience expertise and experience, we understand the key components of your project, and help you select the methods and leading-edge analysis to deliver the regulatory compliant data you need.

2. Project Setup & Management

Each project has a project manager dedicated to ensuring the efficient setup and ongoing integrity of processes and data. They work with you to gather your requirements, deliver documentation, and provide clear communication to all project stakeholders. They are there to provide support, resolution, and to ensure your data is of the highest quality throughout.

3. Site Setup & Management

Our site management and science teams work together to design the best protocols for every site, and our site training is interactive, comprehensive and ongoing. We have qualified over 1500 sites, and understand how to collect the best quality neuroimaging data. We work closely with clinical sites to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

4. Data Management & Quality Control

Image quality is assessed through our digital platform and by our expert image analysts to ensure that it meets project requirements.

5. Reading & Analysis

We understand the complexities of brain imaging in clinical trials. Through our network of eminent neuroradiologists, we provide radiology reads of images in addition to the suite of automated analysis tools integrated into our platform.

6. Reporting

Our team support your reporting needs, from preparing a full study report, to providing our expert views for your own reports. We prepare data analysis, statistical interpretation and identify trends in the data for discussion and visualisation. We can also provide you with further insights into your data.

7. Regulatory services

Our regulatory scientists are at the forefront of developing the pathway for the use of imaging and digital biomarkers in clinical trials.

As a new technologies emerge, we work with you to validate imaging and biosensor derived measures and develop the pathway to support their use as diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers to enrich patient populations and as endpoints in clinical trials to support the regulatory approval of new treatment.

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