IXICO's Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Update

20 March 2020: IXICO Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Update

Dear Valued Client and Partners

Earlier this week the UK government updated its guidance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (as of 16 March), to escalate social distancing measures and minimise the need for non-essential travel.

As a result, this week we have undertaken further, more extensive testing of our remote working resilience with over 90% of our workforce working concurrently from their home location for several days. This has demonstrated that our systems and processes are robust and that, with a remote work force, we can continue to effectively support our clients and the delivery of our services.

We have therefore taken the decision to continue with remote working for our staff until further notice. Consequently, all our staff have been informed to work from home unless they are responsible for delivery of a critical task that must be completed in the office (e.g. for urgent training or service issue resolution). In such exceptional circumstances, we will support those staff members with appropriate travel arrangements to reduce risk, as well as ensuring that all other mitigation actions already implemented are maintained in our office location (summarised below).

We continue to monitor the pandemic and its impact on the wellbeing of our staff and business operations and we will update our clients and partners should the situation change and further measures be required. In the meantime, our priorities continue to be the wellbeing and safety of our staff and the delivery of our normal service levels to our clients.

With best regards


Giulio Cerroni
Chief Executive Officer

On-going mitigation:

  • Home-working for all IXICO employees until further notice;
  • Regular communication with clients’ operational teams to manage the impact on site visits and trial scheduling.
  • Regular communication with our long-term partners for radiology reading services to ensure continuity of service.
  • No international travel for IXICO employees until further notice;
  • No external local meetings;
  • Cancelling all face-to-face meetings, unless urgently required to maintain service delivery (training or issue resolution) and where virtual meetings are deemed unsuitable;
  • Mandatory handwashing requirements on arrival at our site and providing additional hand sanitisers; and
  • New site access guidelines implemented to restrict visitors to our London headquarters;

In the event that a significant portion of our operational staff becomes unwell and is unable to work due to COVID-19 infection, to manage any short-term resource restriction, delivery of time-critical work such as radiology safety reading and data transfers will be prioritised to ensure their timely delivery as usual.

Date: 20/03/2020