IXICO's Katherine Gray to present at the AMYPAD General Assembly Meeting

Dr Katherine Gray, Associate Director in Clinical Science at IXICO, will be presenting at the AMYPAD General Assembly Meeting (10-11 Oct) in Barcelona, Spain. 

IXICO is currently collecting data for both the AMYPAD DPMS (eCRF and imaging data) and PNHS (imaging data) studies using our proprietary data management platform, TrialTrackerTM. For AMYPAD PNHS, we are additionally performing quantitative analysis to report SUVR and Centiloid measures for various regions of interest and reference regions.

Katherine will be sharing some aspects of IXICO’s work on the EPAD study at the meeting. Firstly, how non-EPAD cohorts may be harmonised with the existing data to allow these additional datasets to be added to AMYPAD PNHS. This will be presented by Juan Domingo Gispert, Group Leader in Neuroimaging at Barcelonabeta Brain Research Center, alongside his own team’s work.

Katherine will present an overview of our analysis pipeline used on the PNHS, with a focus on how endpoint quality checks are performed, and how this impacts availability of data. Additionally, Juan Domingo Gispert will present quantitative results from our analysis of the PNHS data in the meeting.

Date: 10/10/2019