IXICO participating at the CPAD 2019 Annual Meeting & Regulatory Science Workshop

Dr Robin Wolz, SVP of Science & Innovation at IXICO, will be attending the CPAD 2019 Annual Meeting & Regulatory Science Workshop on Oct 29 in Arlington, Virginia (USA).

The Critical Path for Alzheimer’s disease (CPAD) Consortium is a public-private partnership aimed at creating new tools and methods that can be applied to increase the efficiency of the development process of new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative disorders. 

The key objectives of the meeting are to discuss the proposed strategy for CPAD of developing comprehensive solutions for AD drug development, based on a quantitative understanding of disease progression across the entire AD continuum. Additionally, to review and define a path to advance the progress of acquiring datasets, which will inform the expansion of the CPAD patient-level database, intended to support the generation of the proposed quantitative models of disease progression across the AD continuum.

Within the CPAD collaboration, IXICO’s data management and regulatory scientists are enabling initiatives, such as the quanti­fication of low baseline brain volume to identify subjects with a high probability of clinical progression, and selecting them for Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials. Our aim is to progress the regulatory landscape for the use of digital biomarker measures as endpoints in clinical trials.

Having collaborated with a number of public-private partnerships to help advance the scientifi­c and regulatory landscapes for imaging and digital biomarkers, IXICO values the relationships it has with academia, industry and charitable organisations. Only by working together can we advance treatment for neurological diseases.

Date: 29/10/2019