IXICO and NYU Langone Health sign agreement to develop novel imaging markers in multiple system atrophy

IXICO plc announces that it has entered into an agreement with NYU Langone Health to support a trial to determine if the immunosuppressant drug Sirolimus – approved by the FDA to prevent organ transplant rejection and for the treatment of a rare and progressive lung disease called lymphangioleiomiomatosis - is also able to slow the progression of disease in people with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). Working with NYU Langone clinicians and researchers, the trial will help develop biomarkers for MSA from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

MSA is a condition of the central nervous system that causes gradual damage to nerve cells in the brain. The project involves application of IXICO’s existing MSA analysis solutions on retrospectively collected MRI data from patients with MSA, dementia with Lewy Bodies, Parkinson’s disease, and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy as well as the joint development of a novel solution to analyse susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI).

Dr Robin Wolz, Senior Vice President for Science and Innovation at IXICO plc, commented: "This collaboration will help to accelerate the quest for new treatments for Multiple System Atrophy by bringing together some of the leading researchers in the field from both academia and industry with the specific goal of developing new tools to better understand and characterise this debilitating disease.”

Dr. Horacio Kaufman, the Felicia B. Axelrod Professor of Dysautonomia Research at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Director of the Dystonomia Center at NYU Langone Health, added: “IXICO will bring its expertise in neuroimaging and AI to support the development and validation of new biomarkers which in turn will help to identify the most promising treatments and bring these to patients sooner." 


Date: 16/10/2020