Engagement In Big Data Research Dementia Collaboration

IXICO continues its engagement in Dementias Platform UK as it enters its second phase

IXICO plc (AIM: IXI), the data analytics company delivering insights in neuroscience, announces that it has extended its commitment to Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) as it enters its second phase. DPUK brings together the best scientific minds and global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to find new ways of detecting, treating and preventing dementia.

DPUK fosters collaborations between academic centres of excellence and industry experts to support research in three workstreams: (1) an expanded and enhanced Data Portal to give researchers secure and rapid access to millions of health research records; (2) the development of a Trials Delivery Framework to match public volunteers to the right dementia studies; (3) An Experimental Medicine Incubator to accelerate and de-risk the development of new treatments.

IXICO will be an industry member and stakeholder in the DPUK partner forum, working alongside 13 academic partners with expertise in dementia and big data research such as University of Oxford, Cardiff University, University of Cambridge and University of Edinburgh as well as pharma companies active in dementia research such as AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and Araclon Biotech.

Prof John Gallacher, Director, DPUK, commented: "We are pleased to continue the work with IXICO who are one of the founding partners of DPUK. Continuing our mission to help scientists and pharma companies to achieve a world free of dementia, I'm looking forward to working with IXICO to leverage novel imaging measurements to improve clinical trial design and patient recruitment."

Dr Robin Wolz, Chief Scientific Officer at IXICO, commented: "It's exciting to continue our engagement in Dementias Platform UK. As part of the second phase, we are specifically planning to engage in the development of an efficient Trials Delivery Framework. Applying our AI technology for the measurement of brain volumes from MRI for the characterisation and stratification of pre-clinical and early clinical dementia populations will support the development of a trials delivery framework based on the concept of precision recruitment. Implementing a precision medicine approach for patient selection in those highly heterogeneous and challenging populations is expected to be a key enabler to further extend recent successes in the development of treatment in this area of high unmet need."   


IXICO is dedicated to delivering insights in neuroscience. Our purpose is to advance medicine and human health by turning data into clinically meaningful information, providing valuable new insights in neuroscience and our goal is to be a leading proponent of artificial intelligence in medical image analysis. We will achieve this by developing and deploying breakthrough data analytics, at scale, through our remote access technology platform, to improve the return on investment in drug development and reduce risk and uncertainty in clinical trials for our pharmaceutical clients.

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Date: 26/01/2022