IXICO’s Tenth Anniversary

This December IXICO celebrates 10 years of providing innovative technologies to those researching and treating serious diseases.
In December 2014, IXICO plc, the brain health company, celebrated 10 years of providing its innovative and proprietary digital platform technologies to help those involved in researching and treating serious diseases to make rapid decisions and improve patient outcomes.  IXICO’s founding vision was to combine the digital image acquisition, analysis technology, data management and know-how developed by the Founders into commercial products. During the last ten years, these have been used to inform decision-making in drug development as part of clinical studies in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), other CNS conditions including cerebral amyloid angiopathy and Huntington’s disease and psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia, and to lesser extent in other therapeutic areas including oncology.
IXICO – The Brain Health Company
The four founders of IXICO were then research scientists in the medical imaging field at three major London-based academic institutions – University College, King’s College and Imperial College. They had been working collaboratively on imaging and informatics research projects funded by UK Government grants and industry partners including Philips and GSK. It was one of these collaborations – the ‘Information eXtraction from Images’ (IXI) project – that inspired the company’s name.
Below highlights some more significant achievements throughout this 10 year period.

Derek Hill, CEO of IXICO and one of the 4 founders, commented:
“Earlier this month, IXICO was delighted to welcome its founders, current and former employees and directors, and some of our early investors to celebrate our first decade. IXICO is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence and now has over fifty employees. We work with most of the top fifteen pharmaceutical companies and are increasingly providing our technology platforms to research and clinical organizations. It has been exhilarating to work with our customers and collaborators on some extremely ambitious global clinical trials aiming to bring innovative treatment to patients.  We look forward to the next decade, as we continue to bring innovative digital technologies and support to those involved in researching and treating serious diseases, enabling them to help patients more quickly.”

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