IXICO’s Imaging Data and Query Management Platform, TrialTracker™, operational at VirtualScopics

We are pleased to report that TrialTracker™, IXICO’s proprietary imaging data and query management digital platform, which was licensed to alliance partners VirtualScopics Inc. in December 2014, is now operational at VirtualScopics.

VirtualScopics announced last week that “operational metrics from the initial clinical trials that have been deployed using TrialTracker have met or exceeded all expectations for performance”. TrialTracker has been used by IXICO and external researchers for over 8 years to manage imaging, and associated data, in multicentre clinical trials and research studies. IXICO have continued to develop the TrialTracker platform and have expended its features and functionality to manage image data through its entire life cycle. The platform improves the way image data can be transferred electronically, quality controlled, queried, analysed and reported.
TrialTracker now incorporates a specific user interface for Imaging Sites acquiring image data in clinical trials and research studies.  This Site Interface can manage their entire set of image data transfer activities, including transfer dates, compliance with privacy regulations governing personal health information (PHI) and resolution of data queries all within a single intuitive application.

Ron Way, Vice President of Operations at VirtualScopics, commented that:
“Imaging sites are at the heart of all clinical trials for VirtualScopics,” “Providing sites with the very best tools for safe, reliable and efficient transfer of this precious research information is why we chose to work with IXICO, and to deploy TrialTracker™ and its Site Interface. We expect our deployment to accelerate very quickly, now that our proof points have been met.”

Mr Way further commented:
“When you make it easier for sites to work with you, the outcomes include a faster turnaround time from acquisition to image transfer, a reduced number and faster resolution of data queries as well as substantial reductions in elapsed time before image analysis can begin. That’s a win for the sites, a win for VirtualScopics and, most important, a big win for our sponsors.”

John Hall, SVP Commercial Operations of IXICO plc. added:
 “Providing our customers with robust and innovative digital technologies to deliver value is at the heart of what we do at IXICO. With TrialTracker we have focused on improving the operational efficiency associated with the management and processing of imaging data, specifically targeting image data quality, turnaround times and the way we interface with the users of TrialTracker. We are delighted that TrialTracker is delivering value for VirtualScopics.”

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