IXICO to receive €1m funding as a partner in a major EU public-private consortium

IXICO today announces its participation in the Innovative Medicines Initiative focused on Amyloid Imaging to Prevent Alzheimers Disease (AMYPAD). This innovative collaboration
between leading academic, healthcare and pharmaceutical partners, including GE Healthcare, Piramal Imaging and Janssen Pharmaceutica JPNV, will investigate the use of amyloid brain scans to improve the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

IXICO’s TrialTracker® and Assessa® technology platforms will be deployed at the heart of this five year project to evaluate and enhance the way that amyloid PET scans can be used to support the development of new therapies for the treatment of patients with AD. Amyloid PET can image the β-amyloid molecules in the brain that are associated with AD and which accumulate in the brain long before serious symptoms appear. Through understanding β-amyloid, AMYPAD aims to improve the diagnosis and management of the disease, understand the natural history in pre-symptomatic stage and select people for treatment or trials aimed at preventing AD.

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