IXICO to participate in a pan European consortium focused on the combined impact of dementia, hearing and visual impairments on the elderly

IXICO is pleased to announce its participation in SENSE-Cog, a European consortium (‘SENSE-Cog’) researching the combined impact of dementia, hearing and vision impairment in the elderly. The
project aims to define the scope of the problem and develop new tools to help the effective diagnosis and treatment of the dual or triple impairment in order to improve quality of life and
optimise health and social care budgets across Europe.

IXICO will receive funding to provide the SENSE-Cog e-screen, a digital application incorporating cognitive, mental health, vision and auditory tests which will be performed on elderly Europeans in a wide variety of settings including the home, community pharmacies and primary care offices. Seven in ten Europeans over the age of 65 suffer from either sight or hearing problems and over two thirds suffer from depression or dementia. Together these conditions have a far greater impact than on a discrete, individual basis.

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