IXICO presents novel sleep measurement technology

IXICO today announces that Professor Derek Hill will present IXICO’s experimental technology to measure sleep from wearable sensors at a mobile devices for clinical
trials in neurological diseases workshop involving global pharmaceutical companies.

IXICO’s technology analyses data of sleep patterns obtained from wrist‐worn accelerometers. Its innovative algorithm was developed using the Artificial Intelligence “Deep Learning” technique
utilising data from normal elderly patients as well as patients with neurodegenerative diseases wearing an accelerometer at a “gold standard” sleep‐lab (polysomnography).

Sleep disturbance is a challenging symptom of many brain diseases. It can also be a side effect of new drug treatments. The ability to measure sleep accurately is therefore important for assessing both the benefits and side effects of new drugs under development for the treatment of serious diseases of the brain.

The mobile devices for clinical trials in neurological diseases workshop is jointly hosted by the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and the Critical Path Institute Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD), and is addressing the data standards challenges in enabling mobile devices to meet the rigorous regulatory requirements of the FDA.

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