IXICO participates in Dementia Friends training session

In a continued effort to increase dementia awareness, IXICO staff will be participating in a Dementia Friends session on Monday May 19th. If you live in England or Wales and are interested in finding out more about how to make dementia-friendly communities, you too can become a Dementia Friend.

Dementia Friends is an initiative that was started by the Alzheimer’s Society and Public Health England, and benefits from funding by the Cabinet Office and the Department of Health. Although originally only proposed in England, the programme has recently been launched in Wales.

The project aims to attract attention to the way people can live well with dementia when surrounded by a good support network – the term “friends” extends to anyone in the community that is likely to interact with people with dementia, from local barbers and market stall keepers, to bus drivers and cashiers, and is not restricted to carers and family members. By sensitising the public to dementia, the Alzheimer’s Society has set the target to reach 1 million dementia friends by 2015.

If being a friend is not enough for you and you want to do more, you can also become a Dementia Friends Champion. Matt Butler, Director of Dementia Services at IXICO, has attended a training session and is now a Champion for his area; Champions hold the Dementia Friends sessions, and have a goal of creating 100 new friends in a year.
For several years now, IXICO have been pioneers in dementia – Professor Derek Hill, CEO of IXICO, is a leader in this field. IXICO’s lead product ASSESSA®, the decision-support tool for dementia diagnosis is CE marked and available for clinical use in Europe. More recently, IXICO have launched a project in partnership with the Health Innovations Network, designed to support dementia sufferers and their carers post-diagnosis. With these, and other targeted initiatives, IXICO aim to participate fully in the global action against dementia set by the G8 summit in December 2013.

Keep an eye out for IXICO’s feature story on Dementia Awareness Week commencing Monday 19th May 2014.

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