IXICO announces SBRI Healthcare development contract

IXICO announces that it has been awarded a development contract by SBRI Healthcare (The Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare) to cover Phase 1 funding for the development of an online application designed to support dementia sufferers post-diagnosis.

Receiving a dementia diagnosis is inevitably traumatic for patients and far too often, patients and their families receive very little support until there is a crisis. This development project will build on Assessa™, IXICO’s digital healthcare platform to support dementia diagnosis, to address postdiagnostic care planning and support. It aims to harness web and mobile technologies to provide ongoing support and to assist those living with dementia as well as their families, carers and healthcare professionals. The goal is to prolong and enhance independent living by facilitating improved self-care with full interaction with the relevant healthcare professionals and other support agencies. Social media concepts will be adapted to build a personal management tool whereby diagnosis is carefully linked to continuing care-planning and support. This will then aid the transition into other care settings by travelling with the patient and relatives throughout the course of the illness.

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