IXICO announces launch of dementia care digital platform with The Northern Health Science Alliance Network

IXICO today announces the launch of a digital platform (‘Project Cygnus’) to support patients with the diseases that cause dementia. IXICO is the lead partner in the project, working alongside The Northern Health Science Alliance Network (‘NHSA’), several NHS Trusts in the North of England and MRC Technology. The project is part-funded by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board).

The goal of the project is to introduce gold-standard integrated dementia care practices in key centres in Northern England by building a collaborative network and a scalable digital platform. It will bring together partners from healthcare and social care, academia, industry, and the charitable sectors and will cover both the diagnosis and post-diagnosis patient pathways. It plans to enhance current practices by either complementing them (e.g. by collecting ‘real world’ patient reported outcomes related to existing interventions), combine existing data into more meaningful and actionable information (e.g. stratification of patients to the most appropriate post-diagnostic treatment and support) or propose new digitally-supported interventions and resources, including Assessa® and MyBrainBook®, IXICO’s digital dementia diagnosis and patient support platform. The project aims to engage approximately 500 people with cognitive impairment and dementia in the study initially. Patient involvement in the research and platform development will contribute to ensuring the study is focussed on person-centred care, ultimately supporting people with dementia and their caregivers to live well and independently at home. As well as directly benefiting patients, Cygnus provides an infrastructure to facilitate the development and evaluation of improved treatments and care.

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