IXICO announces launch of a decision-support tool for diagnosing dementia and widened collaboration with InHealth

IXICO announces the launch of its first CE marked medical device – to be marketed as Assessa™ – a digital healthcare platform to support the diagnosis of dementia. IXICO and InHealth Limited (‘InHealth’), a major supplier of diagnostic and healthcare services to the NHS and private health providers, have today signed heads of terms to explore opportunities to provide Assessa and complementary services within the UK and Eire.

IXICO’s Assessa is designed to improve the quality of the information available to healthcare professionals diagnosing dementia thereby enabling patients to receive the right treatment and support they need sooner. Structural brain imaging (such as MRI scans) is regularly used in the diagnosis of dementia and is recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK. Assessa provides clinically actionable information from brain scans by making precise measurements of the brain and comparing it to a reference database of normal elderly people and dementia patients of the same age.

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