IXICO and VirtualScopics Enter Collaboration Agreement with Micron

IXICO and alliance partners VirtualScopics have announced that they have jointly entered into a collaboration agreement with Micron, Inc., a provider of imaging services for clinical trials in Asia.

This collaboration agreement will enhance each company’s global clinical trial imaging solution offerings to Pharma and Biopharma companies.

Commenting on this collaboration John Hall, SVP, Commercial Operations for IXICO, said: 
“We are pleased to be collaborating with Micron. This expands the Alliance’s reach and capabilities internationally and especially in Asia where it offers the opportunity to build on our existing client base in Japan, China and Korea.” 

Erik Jensen, Vice President Global Business Development and Marketing of VirtualScopics, said: 
“In 2014 we experienced a 25% increase in the number of awarded global Phase III trials over the previous year and we also received new study awards from 9 of the top 15 Pharma companies. We anticipate our momentum will continue in 2015. The collaboration agreement with Micron, together with our previously signed Alliance Framework Agreement with IXICO, will enable VirtualScopics to continue gaining presence with top Pharma companies and strengthen our global Phase III capabilities in the market place.”

Michael Tintiuc, Director of Foreign Affairs, Business Development of Micron, commented:
“This signed collaboration agreement will allow Micron to expand its services outside of Japan to the markets of North America and Europe. We are excited to work together with VirtualScopics and IXICO and provide our clients a unique opportunity to conduct business from key global locations in the US, UK and Japan.”
IXICO plc, the brain health company, uses its innovative and proprietary digital platform technologies to help those involved in researching and treating serious diseases to make rapid decisions and improve patient outcomes. Established since 2004, IXICO has significant experience in working with global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in dementia clinical studies and other neuro-degenerative disorders including Huntington’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. More information is available on www.ixico.com.
About VirtualScopics

VirtualScopics, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSCP) is a leading provider of clinical trial imaging solutions to accelerate drug and medical device development. For risk-averse, time-constrained Clinical Trial Study Teams, Medical Directors and Imaging Scientists who require quality imaging data delivered on-time, within budget and on a consistent basis, VirtualScopics’ clinical trial imaging solutions are an inspired true exception to commonly-accepted services provided by other clinical trial imaging providers. Because of the scientific and operational flexibility and responsiveness they can offer, VirtualScopics’ clinical trial imaging solutions deliver special performance advantages compared to other image service providers that offer common, everyday clinical trial imaging services. For more information on VirtualScopics, Inc. please visit www.virtualscopics.com.
About Micron

Micron has established an environment to implement many multicentre imaging clinical trials, especially in Asian countries, such as Japan and Korea. Under this comprehensive collaboration with VirtualScopics and IXICO, we will be able to broaden our services to handle multinational, multicentre clinical trials beyond Asia, including Europe and the U.S and expand our analysis services in the field of oncology and neuroscience. More information is available on www.micron-kobe.com.

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