Parkinson's Disease

Advancing clinical trials for Parkinson’s disease

We supported our first Parkinson’s disease clinical trial in 2016. Since then, We have continued to invest in developing medical imaging and AI-powered analytics to support Parkinson’s research. 

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Disease-specific analysis

  • We provide volumetric image analysis endpoints specific to Parkinson’s biomarkers using our proprietary algorithms for MRI and PET

Expert readers

  • Our team of expert Neuroradiologists and Nuclear Medicine Physicians perform centralized, real time, standardized reads of PET and SPECT imaging for Parkinson’s disease

Supporting regulatory pathways

  • We offer protocol consultation at early stage clinical trials for Parkinson’s to support regulatory pathways

Digital biomarker analysis

  • We combine the best emerging wearable technology with our digital platform for analysis to gain valuable insight from biosensor data in patients with Parkinson’s disease
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Imaging Biomarkers in Parkinson's Disease

To find out more about the use of current and emerging imaging biomarkers in Parkinson's disease clinical trials and how we support Parkinson's disease studies with advanced neuroimaging solutions, watch our webinar. We look at diagnostic challenges in Parkinsonian syndromes and discuss the role of traditional and advanced MRI in Parkinson's disease clinical trials.

Watch the webinar in full here.

We offer comprehensive neuroimaging solutions to support with patient eligibility, stratification, drug safety monitoring and efficacy assessment in Parkinson's disease clinical trials.