Innovation at IXICO

Reshaping the landscape

Emerging digital technologies such as wearable biosensors, big data, and artificial intelligence have the opportunity to revolutionise the way new drugs are developed and brought to patients, unlocking a personalized approach to medicine.

In the future, drugs will have both a clinical and digital component, as every treatment will have a companion digital technology that collects patient-specific data to support drug adherence, monitoring and targeting of the right medicines to the right people at the right time.

Digital technologies and associated services will enable therapeutic recommendations and patient management to be tailored to the individual, improving the effectiveness and safety of pharmaceutical treatments and enabling biopharma companies to go “beyond the pill,” and provide holistic healthcare solutions.

IXICO are partnering with biopharma companies to develop and operationalize digital technologies in both drug development and clinical decision support to provide precise real-time monitoring of patients living with neurological conditions.

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Digital biomarkers

The arrival of connected digital technologies (wearable biosensors and mobile devices) that enable the passive measurement of parameters such as sleep, activity and heart rate outside of the clinic, has provided the opportunity to revolutionize the capture of data in clinical trials.

These technologies present the opportunity to collect data from clinical trial participants continuously and extract from the data new digital biomarkers of disease signs and symptoms with increased precision and objectivity.

At IXICO we are partnering with biopharma companies to discover and clinically validate new digital biomarkers and to deploy them in a clinical trial that is regulatory compliant, operationally manageable and is fit for use in the specific patient population.

Such digital biomarkers ultimately have the potential to enable faster, more cost effective and more patient centric clinical trials.