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2016 Update: Optimising Clinical Trials in Huntington’s Disease with Neuroimaging Endpoints

Presented by: Nicola Hobbs, Ph.D., Senior Imaging Lead (IXICO) and Eileanoir Johnson, Imaging Scientist (IXICO)

A wealth of longitudinal observational data suggest that structural MRI measures may provide valuable secondary and exploratory efficacy endpoints in putative disease-modifying trials of Huntington’s Disease (HD). This webinar looks at structural MRI used in HD, the advantages and disadvantages of MRI measures, and the key consdierations when implementing MRI outcomes in clinical trials.

Date held: Tuesday, 16th February 2016
Time held: 2:00pm and 7:00pm GMT

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This will be a re-run of our 2014 webinar, with an additional section now including fMRI, DTI and MRS in Huntington's Disease.

In this complimentary webinar we discuss:

  • Which structural MRI measures currently show the most promise in HD
  • How they can be incorporated into large, multi-site clinical trials
  • Advantages and potential limitations of neuroimaging endpoints
  • NEW SECTION: Covering fMRI, DTI and MRS in Huntington's Disease.

About your presenter:

Nicola Hobbs

Senior Imaging Lead, IXICO

Nicola took a 4-year MEng degree in Engineering Science at Oxford University, followed by a PhD in neuroscience at University College London (UCL).  Following her PhD, Nicola remained in academic research for several years, working on longitudinal observational studies of Huntington's Disease (HD), including the TRACK-HD and PADDINGTON studies.  Nicola moved to IXICO in 2014 where she works in the Science team, focusing on the implementation of neuroimaging measures as efficacy endpoints in clinical trials of HD.

Eileanoir Johnson

Imaging Scientist, IXICO

Eileanoir completed a 4-year Psychology degree at Curtin University in Western Australia before moving to England to undertake her masters in Cognitive Neuroimaging at the University of York. Since then, Eileanoir has been working at University College London (UCL) in the Huntington's Disease (HD) Research group on projects including the longitudinal multi-site observational studies TRACK-HD and TRACKON-HD. Eileanoir is now completing her PhD within the UCL HD research group, whilst working part-time at IXICO as an Imaging Scientist. Eileanoir has a varied role within both teams, providing input into patient care, data collection and the development of neuroimaging methods for use within HD research.


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