AAP 2016 Poster - Web-Based Portal Demonstrates That Teacher Follow-Up Vanderbilt Assessments Improve ADHD Outcomes

Ilan Shapiro MD FAAP (1), Robin Wolz PhD (2), Janet Munro MBBS MRCPsych (2)

1 AltaMed, Los Angeles, CA, USA,2,IXICO, London, UK

This poster was presented at the 2016 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition (AAP 2016) on the 23 October 2016. Download the accompanying abstract here.

Background: The American Academy of Pediatrics’ clinical guideline for ADHD recognizes the importance of obtaining information about a child’s symptoms and impairments from informants in more than one setting (AAP, 2011). Data from a commercially available web portal for managing patients with ADHD were used to determine whether collecting longitudinal data from more than one setting has an impact on patient outcomes as determined by the Vanderbilt total symptom score.


Download full poster here