About TrialTracker

Our innovative web-based system allows you to track your imaging-based research study or clinical trial in real time, giving you comprehensive control of your imaging data from acquisition to analysis.

The system can hold information from multiple studies for cross-trial comparisons and meta-analyses, offering superior management of complex data and helping ensure the success of your study. Easy to use and secure, TrialTracker™ saves you time, improves communication and offers peace of mind during the study.

TrialTracker™ is used in all clinical trials run by IXICO and forms the framework for our medical device, Assessa.

How does TrialTracker™ work?

TrialTracker™ operates through a central database with a web-based interface for:

  • Upload and download of data
  • Radiology reporting
  • Image QC and analysis
  • Reporting
  • Study overview


All members of your research team can be given access to the data at any time and wherever they are in the world.

What are the benefits of using TrialTracker ?

TrialTracker™ has a vast array of benefits to assist in the smooth running of your studies and clinical trials. These include:

  • Built in de-identification and audit trail helping to maintain regulatory compliance through the use of TrialWire
  • Centralised, secure data storage
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Web based image viewer
  • Integrated QC with protocol specific checks
  • Plug in interface allowing for the implementation of automatic image analysis workflows, 3rd party software and DICOM push functionality
  • Provides metadata search capabilities
  • Can be used with Site Interface to provide a personalised and simplified platform for sites to upload and manage trial data​


Reducing Costs, Meeting Turnaround Times

In our large global studies ~80% of data is sent to us electronically, directly into TrialTracker™. On small studies we aim for 100% electronic transfer. This can save significant costs associated with couriers delivering CDs. It also ensures that data can be QC'd and analysed in a shorter timeframe, particularly important for eligibility and safety assessment but also if a patient needs to be recalled.


Where is your data?

TrialTracker™ is normally deployed on hosted servers managed by IXICO. A mirrored system at a separate location ensures your data is safe and accessible.

We are happy to discuss alternative deployment options to meet your needs.

To find out how you can use TrialTracker please get in touch.

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