Every day clinicians and patients face important therapeutic choices without having easy access to valuable information contained in treatment guidelines and the evidence-base. Nor do they have a means to match the patient’s unique profile with that knowledge. mehealth is individualised clinical decision support software for mental health disorders.

mehealth® is secure online software for clinicians at the point-of-care to support patient-centered, evidence-based decision making and improve the monitoring and treatment of patients. Integrated patient portals and configurable smartphone applications enable patients to record how they are doing between consultations. By collecting, analyzing and delivering relevant data to optimize decision making mehealth® brings value to patients, healthcare providers and payers.

The mehealth® suite includes

Evidence-based, comprehensive & easy-to-use tool for improving the quality of ADHD care




Management and monitoring of a range of mental health disorders.

Benefits of mehealth®

  • Improved quality of care with better communication

  • More efficient use of the physician’s time

  • Faster and more effective treatment that reduces treatment costs

  • Easier long-term monitoring and assessment of patients

  • Achievement of specific performance measures

mehealth® for ADHD featured by CBS Boston (WBZ-TV)

“ADHD Online Application Proves Helpful To Doctors”

mehealth® for ADHD has been featured on CBS Boston (WBZ-TV) as an ADHD online application. Dr. Mallika Marshall, WBZ-TV News’ Medical Reporter and practicing physician interviewed Dr. Marilyn Augustyn from the Boston Medical Center about her use of mehealth® for ADHD. On mehealth® for ADHD she comments:

 “It was a way that I could get that information in a really fast way and a really efficient way, without having to fax and try to call.” … “I feel like I’m practicing better medicine.”

Watch the full segment here

To find out more about mehealth® for ADHD and mehealth® for behavioural health visit the MEHEALTH WEBSITE