About Assessa®

Assessa is a decision-support tool for healthcare professionals looking to diagnose dementia and detect the underlying causes. It enhances human judgement by providing a digital means of measuring, comparing and combining information about the brain. It was CE marked for use in the EU in 2013, incorporating both the core TrialTracker™ platform and LEAP. 

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Assessa is based upon a large reference database of images that drive the segmentation of brain regions. It can be used with any 3D T1-weighted MRI scan from 1.5T and 3T scanners. All results are compared to age-matched normal controls in order to give a clear indication of the likelhood of any patient having atrophy that is likely to be due to dementia. Absolute volumes for selected brain regions are generated by Assessa; the volumes are also corrected for head size and the region asymmetry is given.


Assessa can be used as a decision-support tool for healthcare professionals in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease as well as other forms of dementia; other neurological disorders in which the measurement of hippocampal volume can be used, such as schizophrenia, will also benefit from Assessa.

Assessa can be easily incorporated into the patient's journey to getting a dementia diagnosis and understanding the disease process.

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