Digital Health

    IXICO brings innovative digital technologies and services to those involved in researching and treating brain diseases.

    Digital Healthcare Products

    IXICO has a portfolio of digital healthcare products that personalize the way treatments are given; identifying the right patients to receive a treatment to optimise efficacy, improving safety by detecting potential side effects, and informing clinical decisions by collecting, analysing longitudinal data.​​  


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    Digital Healthcare Companion Products

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    Decision Support Tools

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    Patient Management Platform


    Core technology components and key capabilities:

    • Collection, analysis and storage of medical image data from scanners including MRI, PET and CT in clinical care and research settings.
    • Remote collection of data from patients and care-givers in the home environment, including from mobile devices and wearable biosensors.
    • Disease progression models to support enrichment and stratification of patient populations, building on our capabilities in data analytics and machine learning.
    • IXICO provides customers with a comprehensive digital health platform of technologies and associated services (e.g. project management, data management, validation, training etc); moving beyond technology alone. 

    All IXICO products are securely hosted and available through secure web-apps and mobile devices, providing “cloud” functionality while adhering to applicable regulatory requirements and prioritising the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

    IXICO provides customers with a comprehensive digital health platform of technologies and associated services (e.g. project management, data management, validation, training etc); moving beyond technology alone.

    Continuous Innovation

    The digital healthcare market for brain health is rapidly evolving. There are continual advances in the available technologies, use of data, access to the market and the regulatory environment. 

    We remain at the forefront of digital health innovation in our products and services through: 

    • Continuous collaboration with our customers and consortia,
    • Evolving our product platforms to meet rapidly changing needs in clinical care and research settings,
    • Always ensuring reliable, high-quality and secure delivery that meets the highest standards,
    • Directly engaging with regulators such as the FDA and EMA.

    We undertake demonstrator and R&D projects as part of new product development and commercialization. These projects include testing IXICO technologies and services in clinical environments and sponsoring research studies. Our goal is to optimise the value of our technologies in real world settings by understanding new use cases and through the collection and interpretation of data. This is keeps IXICO at the cutting edge in highly innovative areas where requirements and the opportunities are rapidly evolving.

    Our increasing presence in the digital health market represents a natural progression for IXICO and an opportunity both to build upon our existing relationships with pharmaceutical companies, and to realize the potential for broader use and impact of our digital technologies for assessing and monitoring CNS disorders.

    Wearable Technologies at IXICO

    IXICO has an innovative programme that integrates wearable sensors into its technology platform. 

    Wearable sensors allow the passive measurement of parameters such as sleep and activity and have the potential to revolutionise healthcare in drug development, research of disease pathologies and clinical care delivery settings.

    IXICO’s programmes involving wearable sensors include use of the measurements for prediction of disease risk, biomarkers of pre-clinical disease, methods to qualify disease early after clinical presentations, and markers of early changes in clinical state such as response to treatment or a relapse.

    Currently, wearables are starting to offer real benefits (including ease of use, objectivity, continuity of measurement, cost effectiveness) in measuring signs and symptoms of disease compared to many of the current methods (rating scales, polysomnography, etc) used in research and clinical settings. The much greater potential of sensor data to provide signatures of disease has barely begun to be harnessed. It requires the processing and interpretation of raw data from normal individuals and across multiple disease states. IXICO is also focussed on this area.

    Digital Health Wearable Technology at IXICO


    IXICO works closely in partnership with our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, their existing partners (such as CROs), research institutes and healthcare providers.  

    As well as working in partnerships with individual organizations, we actively engage with public-private partnership consortia at the frontier of innovation in technologies, data and regulatory science to support brain health.

    We also work closely with patients, carers and their advocacy groups to co-develop products which meet the needs of all our users.


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