Radiological Reading

    IXICO provides radiology reads for a number of studies in oncology and Alzheimer's Disease, for example:

    • RECIST on CT and MRI images
    • SUV on PET images
    • Eligibility and Safety Reads on MRI according to the ARIA criteria

    We access specialised teams of radiologists dependent on the disease area and facilitate the data flow through our image management system, TrialTracker. This ensures that we can meet the tight turnaround times required for eligibility and safey reads.

    Single or Double Reads?

    In many of our studies we use single reads with an escalation pathway for issues. This significantly reduces the cost of radiology reads in clinical trials while giving superior results to local reads which are confounded by a lack of standardization and training.

    Safety and Eligibility reads are returned to site and sponsor within 5 working days